Stéphane Aubry

Welcome to my page.

I am Stéphane Aubry, Steward at PIPSC.

I am also a member of the executive of the CS-TI Group and a member of the Institute's Official Languages ​​Working Group. I was also National Vice-President of PIPSC for 7 years.

I consider that our work environment has changed enormously and it will continue to do so.
The COVID pandemic, AI, automation and remote working will have lasting impacts on the way we work. We must all continue to raise concerns, inequities and find solutions to improve working conditions for all workers.

The labor movement must change and adapt: ​​our group must change and adapt. We need to be strong at the bargaining table to improve our working conditions and have wages commensurate with the cost of living. We need to protect our jobs from layoffs and outsourcing, while developing ways to allow our members to adapt and get the training they need to be ready for the future.

Stephane Aubry
He/Him, Francophone-Bilingual

To reach me: [email protected] (613) 618-0506